Covid Update Blog

Increased training area

Since early June, we have been running our rope access and tower training courses again but under new COVID measures. You can see a list of these original...


New COVID Training Measures

As government restrictions are lifting, we are looking forward to re-opening our training centers in Vancouver and Edmonton. However, in order to provide...


To Train or Not to Train?

On April 9th, we made the announcement to suspend all our training courses for the time being. This includes rope access, tower training, and fall arrest....


How to Maintain Morale at PacRopes: Laughter

The Where's Waldo social distancing edition has been circling around the internet for awhile now but I still smirk every time I see it. It's funny. And...


How I Am Handling my COVID Anxiety

Like most of you, my "regular" life became obsolete without warning a few weeks ago. In a span of a weekend, I no longer could see my family and friends...


Worksafe BC and SPRAT and IRATA Extensions

Mid-March, both SPRAT and IRATA issued out statements on what they would do with expired certifications during the COVID-19 pandemic. We summarized these...


SPRAT Response to COVID 19

**Update: September 10, 2020

Information written below is the original communication about SPRAT certification extensions that we published in the spring....


IRATA Technician Extension

As IRATA Training members, we receive communication from IRATA head office periodically that pertains to any changes IRATA has made to their training or...


COVID Update: April 9, 2020

We are continuing to manage the COVID-19 pandemic at Pacific Ropes, while communicating with industry and reviewing our internal business risk assessment...


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